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Re: po4a website broken?

Salut David,

David Prévot:

Transferring this request to the i18n list for the developers-reference

Chris Leick a écrit :
e.g. are the following packages marked as untranslated:
developers-reference (see #623489)
The developers-reference is already translated in French for quite a
long time too, and is not available either on the related page [1],
maybe just need to be triggered on i18n side?

1: http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po4a/fr

Probably, the path isn't checked, because there are several files under
po4a/{de,fr,ja}/. Is it possible to change the script appropriate?

emdebian-crush (see #624619)
The PO file is not in emdebian-crush source package either, so the
webpage seems accurate:
$ ls emdebian-crush-2.2.17/doc/po

Furthermore, the #624619 bug seems about the program translation (not
the *documentation* translation), which seems almost complete [2].

This was my mistake. Sorry for the noise.

Kind regards,

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