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Debian in Myanmar


I have visited Yangon and have given some talks and tutorials
on Debian packaging & mirroring. And I'd like to share some
information with community.

- Initiation. Ngwe Tun and other Myanmar L10N team have
initiated an effort to provide facilities for GNU/Linux users
in Myanmar, starting from mirroring of Debian and other
distros. The hardware, hosting and bandwidth have been
sponsored by organizations, and I'm invited to set it up and
to train local people to maintain it.

- Debian mirroring has been started. With the international
bandwidth we have (~ 2Mbps), we start with partial mirror
only, and the initial sync should take about 2 weeks to finish.

- Due to Myanmar internet policy, SSH between domestic
and international sites are prohibited. So, it will depend purely
on local people to maintain it after I leave.

- We have tried to start packaging resources for Myanmar
languages supports. Thura Hlaing has expressed his interest
in working with Debian. He and Ngwe Tun have started Myanmar
translation process in Debian and GNOME. And he will also
do the packaging.

- Although GNU/Linux is said to be not so popular in Myanmar,
I can see the willing of the community to work it out. One major
problem is the internet access. Currently, it is only available at
internet cafe or in IT organizations. Home internet is rare.
So, CD/DVD is still the main distribution medium. That means
most Debian users will depend on stable releases, which makes
it inferior to other distributions in terms of hardware supports.
We hope that the local mirror we set will help alleviate
this problem somehow. At least, it helps making local
distributions more practical.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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