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Re: DDTP: update previous dists ?

On 09/01/2011 08:12 AM, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
Christian PERRIER wrote:
The translation files go 'directly' to ftp.master and with this also
to stable, and policy is: stable is stable
That's the policy of 20th century...:)

Now, I can happily fix "important" bugs in some of my packages with
the SRM approval, so I don't see why package descriptions translations
should be considered as carved in stone once stable is released..:-)
I should have subscribed to my bug :-( - and I advocate to
update the translation files for Squeeze and Lenny.

* From my point of view they are actively maintained as
there are point releases.
* To some degree the translators provide new pre-sid
translations. Does Jon Doe know that there are recent
translations at ddtp.debian.net?

No. ddtp.debian.net build only wheezy and sid translation files
on a daily base.

* Language coordinators/team admins should take care of
common errors. E.g. the use of "Implementation" in a
German description is ugly and there are some occurences.
* The language teams have a lot of work because lots
of discriptions are changed by dropping the article in the
SD. Sometimes one can't resist and have a look at the
previous work. There *are* (sigh!) contributions from
inexperienced translators. If we're lucky, they are just
hard to read. If we are not, something is *wrong*.
* I believe that the folks doing the work would like to see
it available for the public.


We can build old translation files per week (or something else)
and show a diff to the lang coordiantor for jugement.


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