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Re: DDTSS quirks...


On 08/30/2011 07:35 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
I'm using the DDTP stats page
(http://ddtp.debian.net/stats/stats-sid.html) to decide about which
packages to translate to French in the DDTSS.

I actually use the packages suggested when moving the mouse over the
"PopconRank" cell for French. Right now, these packages are:

libevent-1.4-2, libdbd-mysql-perl, lvm2, gedit-plugins,
default-jre-headless, yelp, libxcb-dri2-0, default-jre, libgsm1,
libv4l-0, libsox-fmt-alsa, libwavpack1, libgsf-1-114,
libcanberra-gtk3-0, libsm-dev, mono-gac

(this will change after the next bi-daily run on ddt* scripts on churro)

Strangely, some of these cannot be fetched by DDTSS: for instance
gedit-plugins, default-jre, etc. while others are fine (I just loaded
libsm-dev this morning for instance). These packages that can't be
fetched are "sitting" here for weeks and slowly, they are filling in
that suggestion list.

There can be different reasons.

I look at the first in your list: gedit-plugins

Go to the 'Debian Description Tracker':

You will find some descriptions of this packages... The ID  84359 is
active (in sid).


You will see, that this description is already translated in french

other possible reasons:

- one has fetched this description per Mail and the description is
  locked because of this (no the DDTSS is still a 'satellit system',
  the new web interface have more integration)

- more than one package has the same description... The the old
  system will found the description only with the first package
  name... Maybe you use the second :-)

- A package (like default-jre) use Variables in the description. The
  DDTP has the arm version in the database, but the status-page check

So, I suspect a glitch somewhere in the code but I don't know which one.

You should fetch description_id. I test it with '60842' in your team
(package yelp)

PS: as side comment, I really would like to see lib* and *-dev
packages be given less weight. Of course, they have a high popcon
score, but that's expected for library packages....while end users
don't often really care about these.

the internal DDTP priority of lib packages is lower... :-)


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