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Preferences for fetching packages

Hi Grisu,
* to make automatics work, for example the Italian team highly use
anonymous to fetch packages.
you fetch packages in a special order?
there are some strategies: In the beginning I took what the system
provided. Later the goals became reducing the number of incomplete
translations and at least keep the top 500 clean faster than the Italians.

Recently I recognized that I misunderstood the results of Davide's script
and started scripting again. Using the output of "The Italian Script" and
a recent copy of the popcon-by-vote data it is quite comfortable now to
prepare a list of packages I'm interested and let wget und curl doing the
jobs to download information to my box or pulling packages into the DDTSS.

And so I have statistics and control about the web interface:

010 N WP 1883 libmenu-cache1
009 R WP 1895 libtag1c2a
008 H WP 1897 libapache2-mod-fcgid
011 N WRN 1869 xinetd
005 R WRN 1956 squid3
007 H WRN 1976 courier-pop
006 N WT 542 obexd-client
005 R WT 958 texlive-binaries
010 N WT 1078 growisofs

The first colum is the number of lines to translate, N, R, H stand
for new, retranslate and half (partial) translation. The third column:
P(ending), R(eview) N(eeded), (recently) Translated.

So a nice feature might be giving the users choices in addition to the
tasks, e, g. "showbag" - for the adventurous, "top popcon", partial



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