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Bug#637338: debian-i18n: [DDTP] Please add support for Serbian language

Quoting Andreas Tille (tille@debian.org):
> Package: debian-i18n
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi Debian I18N Team,
> at DebConf we had several people from Serbia and it seems logical that
> this boils down to some volunteers wanting to do Serbian translations.
> I've got an offer from Karolina who just did some translation for D-I
> and now wants to do package description translations - favourably for
> Debian Med packages but not explicitely restricted to these.[1]
> So it would be nice if you could add this language to DDTP to enable
> Karolina starting her work - hopefully others will start helping her.

I'll work on this....as soon as the machine hosting the DDTP is back
to life..:-)

PS: working on packages in the "base" system in the DDTP, is also
important, not only those of Debian Med (moreover, most of the Debian
Med packages are.....not the easiest ones to  work on, except when one
has skills in biology and the like...:-)).

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