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Re: po-debconf stat is not updated anymore

Quoting David Prévot (taffit@debian.org):
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> Hi,
> Le 12/07/2011 19:48, Yuri Kozlov a écrit :
> > Last update
> > http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/*
> > was a June 29.
> Thanks for noticing, will have to check if the problem is in www-master
> side or i18n (I think Christian recently noticed a failed update too):
> same problem for po and po4a, of course...

I roughly guess the problem is on churro. Yes, I mentioned this on
debian-l10n-devel mailing list but nobody did check yet. As I'll be
VAC from Jul 14th to 17th, then travelling to DebConf on 18th, unless
Nicolas François or anyone else can look at this on churro (I suspect
the gen-material script or some mirror issues on churro); it's likely
that it stays broken for some time.

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