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Re: What about DDTSS do you (dis)like?

2011/6/29 Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at>:
>  Do you truly believe that said person wouldn't choose the option to use
> an account? If it is a single person I wonder whether they just don't
> log in because it's not required and the interface doesn't push for
> logging in, or whether they object to doing stuff anonymously.

I don't know if he/she would create an account if necessary because I
don't know what his reasons are to not use one right now. I just wrote
in an answer to Christian Perrier on this list that I'd like to ask
the anonymous contributor.

>  Additionally, anonymous contributions might get us into troubles of
> liability, generally spoken. It might sound like a very unlikely
> scenario, but actually I would rather be on the safe side here.
> Authorship information is something that makes a lot of sense to track.
> We currently have issues with relicensing the Debian website content
> under a free license because of unknown authors in some parts (language
> based group accounts used by many people).
I doubt that mandatory account would help. E.g. currently I'm using my
second account and I'm not too sure if I have a working email address
connected to my DDTSS account. So a relicensing as you mentioned
wouldn't be possible with the contributions of my old account and
maybe not even with my current account, if I'd stop using DDTSS.
Saying that, the possibility to change account details would be quite important.
And even with a mandatory account everyone could put in fake details,
making it impossible to track them for relicensing issues.

But if other people think as well that it's an issue and accounts
help, then I agree with disabling IP contributions. After having the
translators saved with the translations, because without this feature,
accounts won't help either.


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