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Re: The life cycle of a (section of a) translated package description

I got an explanation that explains the life cycle.

*** Package description has been translated ***
There *is* actually a nice diff below the translators field, when a package
has been translated. I didn't notice this before I was pointed to it.
(There aren't many Danish packages have been translated before, but
the number is rising; which means that diffs occur more often now.)

 *** Package description hasn't been translated ***
The translation system reuses sections that have already been
translated in other package descriptions, but the package description
itself hasn't been translated yet.
Since the package description hasn't been translated, there are no

> Hi list,
> I am translating some of the English package descriptions through the
> Often I come across Danish translations that are partly done.
> The reason obviously is that the translation have been done once,
> but the English version now is updated. So far so good.
> My questions now is:
> Where does the previous translation of that section go?
> Does the translated section simply vanish - or is there a versioned
> repository available somewhere?
> Reason for asking:
> Some of the sections are up to 30 lines long, and I assume that even
> one corrected English word would restart the translation proces for
> this section. It would be nice to recover some of the previous work.
> Best regards,
> Aputsiaq Janussen

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