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Strategy change for "l10n NMUs"

For the squeeze->wheezy release cycle, I'll adopt a slightly different
strategy for "l10n NMU proposals" (these "always the same" mails
you're seeing in -i18n, where I'm prodding maintainers for debconf
l10n fixes).

I will still use the "l10n radar" page, of course ()as it lists
packages with the oldest unfixed l10n bug reports (balanced by the
number of strings they impac).

However, I will also use the following:

That page lists the status of po-debconf for the "top" languages:
those that can reach full 100% (4 of them did for squeeze).
(Czech, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish).

I will indeed attempt to keep that page as small as possible. Indeed,
recent "NMU intent" mails were targeted at a few of these pcakges.

Of course, I'll be happy to add more target languages to this. I'm
particularly thinking about Danish for which a huge effort happened
between lenny and squeeze.


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