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Re: Intent to NMU or help for an l10n upload of ntop to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Dear Christian,

On 02/12/2011 11:37 PM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> ("oh no, not him again"...)

ahahah, you read my mind :)

> In case you can't update your package, I hereby propose, as part
> of a more general action of the Debian i18n Task Force to build and
> possibly upload a non-maintainer upload for ntop in order to fix
> this as well as all pending translations for the debconf templates.

I can update it for sure. All the updated translations are already
committed to the VCS.
I was trying to go ahead collecting a decent number of bug fixes and
then upload a new version.

But it you needed updated now, I can do that.
Actually, I do have a new bug that is pretty bad and need an upload soon

Thanks for the warning and the detailed information!


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