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Re: support page l10n links to English channels instead of language-specific channels

El vie, 14-01-2011 a las 11:42 +0800, Paul Wise escribió:
> Hi all,

Hi Paul,

> The support page on the website has information about Debian IRC
> channels and points at #debian for all translations of the page. It
> would be great if the translations instead pointed at language-specific
> support channels. I guess including the English ones too is a good idea
> as long as the pages prominently mention English should be used in those
> channels. Other sections of the support page could benefit from a change
> like this too, like the forums section.

Thanks for the idea, the Spanish translation is not updated so it's a
good oportunity to include your suggestion (maybe keeping the english
and spanish support ways on the translation) in an update ;-)

> I'm not particularly familiar with the website tech, any thoughts as to
> the best way to achieve this?

Coordinators of the translation teams read the i18n mailing list, so I
include the d-i18n list in this ;-)

Thanks for your contribution!!!

Best Regards,
Fernando C. Estrada

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