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Re: i18n work session to deal with DDT{P|SS} problems and move i18n.debian.net to DSA

I think it's a good idea. Maybe make some suggestions as to dates?

Mid-april is not good for me, but the rest is (I think) ok.

Have a nice day,

On 1 February 2011 07:02, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> About two weeks ago, I wrote the following mail to -i18n, CC'ed to a
> number of "key" people. It apparently went unnoticed by most of these
> key people, I'm afraid (except Stefano)....
> So, this is an attempt to get more answers...
> Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
>> (yet another thread about DDTP on churro, started on -i18n)
>> Quoting Andreas Tille (andreas@an3as.eu):
>> > On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 10:07:17PM +0100, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
>> > > The host is located somewhere in spain
>> > > http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2007/12/msg00058.html.
>> >
>> > Putting a host into debian.org domain and under DSA control is independ
>> > from where it is physically located.  I also think that it might be
>> > perfectly possible to use some other hardware - recently there was an
>> > offer for hosting such services for free on debian-private@l.d.o.
>> The service in the Extremadura hosting facility has most often been of
>> good quality (if we expect a few weeks where we had to fight to get
>> SSH access to the machine working again after some firewalling
>> changes, back in 2009).
>> A limitation is that our contact there, César Gomez Martin (who
>> everybody who attended DC9 knows well) is not living in the same city
>> the host is located (churro is in Merida while César lives in
>> Caceres).
>> So, in some cases, we might have a few service shortages and delays to
>> restore things.
>> Anyway, it is time to move these services elsewhere and,
>> definitely, under DSA control. Felipe was working on that but, again,
>> RL seems to be hardly competing with that for him.
>> CC'ing Felipe in order to get more details about the current
>> situation. Felipe, if you're really stuck, we might maybe consider an
>> alternative by finding a volunteer in the DSA team?
>> On the other hand, whatever is the situation wrt general system
>> administration on churro, we also need someone to take a *close care*
>> of the DDTP/DDTSS. Someone really knowing how things are organized and
>> working together. As already written, I know about three people who
>> fit this (or part of this) definition: Grisu, Nicolas François and
>> Martijn van Osterhout (DDTSS author).
>> CC'ing everybody, plus the "debian-l10n-devel" mailing list
>> which...has, indeed, the very same people subscribed.
>> A crazy idea that starts emerging in my mind is maybe bringing all
>> these people, plus 1 or 2 DSA team members (faw is part of DSA, IIRC)
>> in the same place for 2-3 full days, lock them, feed them with pizzas
>> and coke (no beer) and only unlock them when churro is fully under DSA
>> control and more than 1 person is able to repair the DDTP/DDTSS.
>> CC'ing Zack/Stefano. I can think about one place we both were in the last
>> months, in Paris, that could fit this definition (folks from Académie
>> de Versailles, Stefano.
> Stefano agreed later on, with his DPL hat, that this is a valuable
> goal. He even proposed to host such work meeting in the Center for
> Research and Innovation on Free Software (IRILL) in Paris.
> However, for this to happen, I would ideally need to have Felipe,
> Nicolas, Michael "Grisu" and Martijn (plus any other volunteer).
> Is there a possibility (assuming that your travel and hosting expenses
> are covered) for you guys to participate to such a meeting. Given the
> current situation for i18n.d.n, it's pointless to organize it if you
> can't be here.
> No need to set it up urgently. Some week-end in March, April or even
> May would be fine.
> But an answer would help a lot..:-)
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