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Please update the list of the Release Notes' translators (and coordinators)

Hi everibody,

In order to clarify how translations for the Release Notes are managed I've
added to the SVN sources a 'README.translators' file that picks up the
content of the technical notes related to translations (that was previously
in the 'README') and also lists the translators for the different languages.

The file also contains (at the end) a list of translators for the different
languages and their translation teams, which will be used to coordinate the
effort of updating the translations for Squeeze's Release Notes.

If possible, I would appreciate if all translation team coordinators reviewed
the information there and modified it to reflect the current situation for
their languages. 

Specifically I would like you to do this:

  - mark the current coordinator for the translation 

  - move translators which are currently not involved in work over to 
    an 'Old translator(s)' list for the language. Please, do not 
    remove them from the file to ensure we give them proper credit.

  - add any translators that are or have been involved to the Release Notes
    translation to the file

Thank you for your cooperation, regards


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