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Sinhala and Lao languages to be activated in Debian Installer

Great news for Debian Installer localization community, particularly
in Asia...

After a great effort by Danishka Navin, the translator for Sinhala,
this language, one of the two national languages for Sri Lanka, will
be activated for Debian Installer squeeze RC1.

Sinhala is the most spoken language in Democratic Socialist Republic
of Sri Lanka, with 15 million speaking it as their first language
(while about 6 million people speak Tamil, which is also supported in

Similarly, Anousak Souphavanh completed the first two sublevels of D-I
level 1 translation for Lao. As a consequence, Lao will be activated
in Debian Installer squeeze RC1 too.

Lao is the national language of Lao People's Democratic Republic and
is reported as spoken by 3M to 5M people in Laos. One variant is Isan,
spoken in north-eastern part of Thailand by up to 17M people.

Activating these two languages will bring the total list of supported
languages in Debian Installer to 69 (English included).

In name of the entire Debian i18n community, I'd like to warmly thank
Danishka and Anousak for their efforts in supporting their languages.

Please note that, for technical reasons related to the preparation of
the current release of Debian Installer (squeeze beta 2), the two
languages are not yet visible, even in daily builds. They will appear
after the beta 2 release.

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