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(forw) Release Update - Upgrades, deep freeze info, BSPs

Short summary: as soon as Debian Installer RC1 is out (early
December), no more freeze exception for translation and documentation

So, in short, we have 2-3 weeks to get as many l10n as possible in
squeeze (mostly thinking about those l10n teams that fight to be 100%
in squeeze: http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n/l10n-testing.txt).

I can handle some parts of the fight but please be *reactive*: there
may be some short notice calls for updates for late NMUs....

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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 19:25:42 +0000
From: Neil McGovern <neilm@debian.org>
To: debian-devel-announce@lists.debian.org
Subject: Release Update - Upgrades, deep freeze info, BSPs
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It's time for another release update as we move, like a glacier,
inevitably and unstoppingly towards the release.

Release notes and upgrade/installation reports
Help is needed in this area. On one hand:

* since Squeeze is almost in its final form, it is a good time for the
brave to upgrade their systems, and inform of any troubles by filing a
bug against the upgrade-reports package.

* if you have new systems to install, testing of the Debian Installer
would be most welcome. As usual, please report any problems by filing
bugs against the installation-reports package.

On the other hand, we also need help in processing those bug reports,
particularly those filed against upgrade-reports. If you think you could
help with this, please do! Work involves figuring out what went wrong
with the upgrade, filing bug against the involved packages if
appropriate, and/or documenting the issue or workarounds in the Release

We would also like help with letting everyone know what a great release
Squeeze will be, via the New In Squeeze page.


Release Update (Squeeze Status)

Freeze Status (Unblock Policy)

Once again, it's time to tighten up the unblock policy. We will now only
accept unblock requests for:

  - fixes for release critical bugs (i.e., bugs of severity critical,
	grave and serious) in all packages;
  - translation updates
  - documentation fixes

There is also shortly due a new Debian Installer release candidate.
Once that has been pushed, we'll enter a deep freeze. This means that we
will only accept requests for RC bugs. We'll deal with requests that
were sent previously on a best-effort, from oldest to newest basis.

This means that there's only a few weeks to get translations synced up,
so please remember to be nice to the translation teams and don't update
debconf templates or pofiles unnecessarily.

I know it's late, but...

We have recently been receiving a few bug reports which contain "I know
it's late, but...". These are problematic for the team as:
* It adds to the list of mails we need to look at.
* We need to potentially spend time separating out the trivial fixes
  from the RC fixes.
* We don't like saying no.

Please, please help us to release quicker by ensuring that the
unblock requests are required.

Bug Squashing Parties
As I'm writing this mail, there's a BSP going on in Manchester, UK. We
also have two more scheduled:
- Bern, Switzerland (November 27-28)
- Boulogne-Billancourt, France (December 4-5)

Current Release Blockers

 * udev: fix the upgrade path and/or document a proper workaround

 * dash: fix preinst (#546528)
 * Debian Installer: have a final release
 * Release Notes: have proper documentation for Squeeze installs and
 * Security archive supports V3 (#575733)
 * Lots of RC bugs, just waiting for you to fix them. There are
   some that are feeling lonely now. Quite unloved. Why don't you go
   show some affection towards one and fix it?

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