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Considering to activate Sinhala language for RC1

Danishka Navin, the translator for Sinhala, completed the first 3
sublevels of D-I today (yesterday, actually).

I'm therefore considering to activate the language in
localechooser. As Otavio did a mass upload already, this won't be in
beta2 but rather in RC1, due out early December.

Please yell out very quickly if there are objections to this.

PS: Sinhala is one of the two official languages of Sri Lanka (the
other being Tamil), so we now "cover" one more country and support 21M
more people in the world (actually 15M, as about 6M people in Sri
Lanka rather speak Tamil as their first language). Sinhala has its own
scripting system, which is part of the Indic family. It will be
supported in the graphical installer.


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