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Yet another breakage with udev...or not

I have no idea what's happening with udev when it comes at its debconf
translations. This morning, I just discovered that the French
translation, which was supposedly re-updated with the upload of 164-2
(#601182) was still incomplete.

It seems that other languages haven't been affected and some are
complete (12t).

I have no idea whether the maintainer will ask for more l10n updates,
but my guess is that l10n teams are on their own to find out if they
have work to do or not.

Very obviously, I won't propose any NMU as the maintainer has his own
schedule....which nearly never takes care of localization issues (not
to say he doesn't care about l10n...I just fail to see any kind of

So, as of now, for the teams who were targeting 100%:
- Czech OK
- German has 1 fuzzy
- Spanish OK
- French has 4 untranslated. Update sent to the BTS
- Portuguese has 4 unstranslated
- Russian OK
- Swedish OK


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