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Re: Localization status for Debian Installer (November 11th update)

Quoting Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):

> > console-setup (89 strings)
> > --------------------------
> ... 
> > 1 with 55 strings complete:
> >  ro
> The numbers don't add up...

I don't understand your remark.

But maybe my status was unclear. Let's explain in details: c-s has 89
strings in its po-debconf translation. For Romanian the stats are:

55 translated messages, 10 fuzzy translations, 24 untranslated

I only kept the "55" number in order to avoid cluttering you guys up
with numbers (which I already do).

Anyway, the most interesting point for you is "update that damn file ASAP"..:-)

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