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Re: Where do you want my NMU radar to look at to reach 100% in po-debconf translations?

Hello Christian,

quoting Helge:
It would be very great if they could see an upload before the complete
freeze happens.
I am also very interested when the time of "rien ne va plus" (hope
to be correct) comes, because recently the "relaunch" of manpages-de
started. It would be good to know when to empty the queue of translations
instead of filling it.

Perhaps coreutils would be a good target. The last up-to-date version of the
German translations was 7.4, today there are 155 entries marked fuzzy or
not translated. (BTW: even the French team has two(!) entries open :) ). As
its name *core*utils hints, it might be a good idea to get them up-to-date.
By accident I found that i.e. the German version of cp is missing five entries.

This leads to a more general problem:
The upstream translation is maintained by the translation project. Provided
somebody would succeed in completing the translations before the release
of squeeze, what is the best way to spread the translation?

Four days ago there was a question on this list by someone who wanted to
start a new translation. Quoting from the answer:

Upstream of xscreensaver lives at http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/
Debian takes it from there, creates a .deb package ...

It is always good to make the translation as much upstream as
possible, because then it automatically ends up in the downstream
projects without any special effort.

Currently the manpages (for German generated by help2man) are my main concern.
A side effect of preparing up-to-date manpages would be the update of the po file for coreutils. Relying on upstream acceptance of the new file reaching downstream in time seems to me to be risky. Not relying on upstream and focusing on the debian version will increase the overall workload.

What's the minor evil?


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