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Re: kFreeBSD version of the Debian Installation Guide

Holger Wansing, le Sun 19 Sep 2010 12:58:37 +0200, a écrit :
> At several places you have replaced 'Linux' to 'Debian'.

Yes, when the text was talking about the system as a whole, not only its

> In the past, there was a big effort, to make 'Debian' to not 
> appear in the manual directly but as an entity.

Ah? I just know the &debian; entity, which expands to Debian GNU/Linux,
which is quite long and thus is not used in a lot of places.

> This gives the possibility for other distributions (like Ubuntu), to
> easily replace 'Debian' with 'Ubuntu', so they get a Ubuntu-manual
> instead of a Debian-manual: just change the entity, and you are done.

I see.

> IMHO this should be done here too.

Well, to keep the manual readable we should probably not replace Debian
with &debian; as it is now.  Maybe rename the existing `debian' entity
into something else like debiangnu, and then introduce &debian;
expanding to Debian?


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