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Re: DDTSS downtime

On 02/09/2010 09:04, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:


It's a paragraph short. How did that happen? It shouldn't be possible.
Was it done via the DDTS or DDTSS, do you know? If you use the
getuntrans function

I don't know.
Probably it is a human error or a corrupted data error.

If the DDTS is the mail system, than I think there is (are) someone who used it recently to make some translation. Without revision it is very simple to make mistake.

But we found that probably not all is ok. There are packages that cannot be translated. For example: xlog-data xlog-data is in the Packages file it isn't in the Translation-it file and if we try to fetch it we have the error: Package xlog-data not found

I found that the happy package is in Packages file and in the Translation-it file but the translated text is for the old version:

and not the new one:

Also libatlas3gf-base e libcherokee-base0-dev have similar problems.


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