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Re: linux-2.6 wording

(context: one of the paragraphs in linux-2.6 templates was not really
clear and a post-review discussion restarted in order to reword it
more clearly)

The final version of this template is:

_Description: Abort kernel removal?
 This machine is running kernel version ${running}, and the current
 action requires removing the same version.
 This can make the system unbootable as it will remove
 /boot/vmlinuz-${running} and all modules under the directory
 /lib/modules/${running}. This can only be fixed with a copy of the
 kernel image and the corresponding modules.
 It is highly recommended to abort the kernel removal unless you are
 prepared to fix the system after removal.

Any late objections to this? Otherwise, I'll send an update to the
review bug report, then I'll resync existing and future translations
as they come (which will require asking translators an update after
they send their first version based on the original content from the
call for translations). It is very likely that this will need a longer
delay for the call for translations.


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