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Re: Soon to come: review for vidalia debconf templates

Quoting UlisesVitulli (uvitulli@fi.uba.ar):

> I see you've starting a process revision, as so, I would like you to
> let me handle this, in case nobody has already started doing it.

Actually, I haven't started it.

I posted a TAF message to debian-l10n-english which means "There is
work to do". Of course, in about 99% of cases, I generally follow this
up by an ITR (Intent To Review) message as I'm doing most of such
initial work.

But, indeed, you're very much welcome to do the ITR and then the RFR
(Request For Review) message yourself. This is more or less what we
expect from "responsible" maintainers (who haven't been hit by a
communication hiccup inside the maintenance team..:-)).

So, in short, please proceed and we'll happily comment (or not, indeed...).

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