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Asking for revision of the steam debconf templates


I'm a member of Spanish translation team.

While I was translating steam debconf templates, I found some
coherency errors between some strings, so it would be great a review
for steam debconf templates by English team.

For example:

#: ../steam.templates:2001
msgid "The SMTP service defaults to 25. It is very likely that you
already run another SMTP daemon, which conflicts with sTeam. Please
only use port 25 here if you are sure you don't have any other SMTP
service running."

But after:

#: ../steam.templates:4001
msgid "The service runs on port 119 by default and you should only
change this, if you are sure another NEWS server is running on this

I think it should be better keep a basic coherence between similar
messages like those.




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