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Re: How to send Bulgarian translation of iso-codes?

Quoting Damyan Ivanov (dmn@debian.org):

> Although I am obviously fine with translating in Git, I wonder if 
> putting Bulgarian translation in TP wouldn't be better.
>  1) new translators will be able to help by following the docs
>     (also, translators coming back from the void (cough) won't be 
>     looking stupid by following the docs :))
>  2) there won't be different channels of translation for iso_3166 and 
>     other iso_*
> I hope this doesn't create much work for you.
> Not sure if I shall then send updates both to Git or only TP is enough 
> (or even if I'd have any use of the Git commit access at all).

Sendign to TP is enough. LI Daobing <lidaobing@gmail.com>, our
TP<->iso-codes link will pick the file there.

If you prefer hgaving all bg translations done in the TP, I suggest
you get in touch with LI Daobing so that translations are no longer
marked "external" in the TP (if they are).

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