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Re: Call to update Debian Installer translations

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> In the past few days changes have been committed to some important Debian 
> Installer components, resulting in some string changes in sublevels 1 and 
> 2. The new strings are now available for translation.

And we really need to publicly thank Frans for all these changes which
will improve the locale-related settings in D-I very significantly.

I take this opportunity to get attention from D-I translators.

During the past months, the activity in D-I l10n was not very high,
which actually reflects the average development activity on D-I.

I have the intent to put more pressure on D-I translators in the
upcoming month in order to have translations reach again an acceptable

At this very moment (before Frans changes were committed), the number
of languages that reach 100% for each sublevel of "level 1" is:

Sublevel 1: 6
Sublevel 2: 6
Sublevel 3: 19

This is *low*. It means for instance that only SIX translators coped
with last changes in strings, that happened on November 10th.

Only nineteen languages were updated after changes in sublevell 3,
that happened back in *July*. That is *very low*.

All l10n material is available through

Contrary to other parts of Debian i18n, it is not affected by current
problems on i18n.debian.net. Everythign is working nominally.

I know that not all translators are subscribed to -i18n unfortunately,
which means that I will have to contact them, and for some of them
individually. Just imagine the amount of work that's involved when the
count of supported languages is between 60 and 70.

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