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Re: Bug#410200: language-env: should configure UTF-8 for french (and most other languages?)

Hi Frank,

At Tue, 17 Nov 2009 20:35:53 +0100,
Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> retitle 410200 language-env: should use UTF-8 encoding for french

> <note>
> I  am CC'ing debian-i18n, in case some people speaking those languages
> can check appropriate files in /usr/share/language-env/support.*.pl
> Bielaruskaja, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, 
> Nihongo, Hangul, Lietuviu, Makedonski, Polski, Russkii, Srpski, 
> Thai, Turkce, Ukrajins'ka
> </note>
> I just discovered this great tool.
> I am merging the bugs #410200 and #410612. The encoding should be UTF-8
> for French (and most language except Japan and a few others), AFAIK.

Although I took over this package from former maintainer/author
Tomohiro Kubota to keep it on Debian archive, I'm thinking this tool
seems obsolete and doesn't fit for recent UTF-8 desktop environment.
The documents in this package is excellent resource for i18n people,
but the tool needs to replace everything rather than to modify a small

Kenshi Muto

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