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Re: Status of ddtp.debian.net|i18n.debian.net|churro

On 11933 March 1977, Christian Perrier wrote:

> It hosts i18n.debian.net and ddtp.debian.net. As a consequence, many
> i18n-related services depend on it:
> - access to l10n material (from the http://www.debian.org/intl/l10npages)
> - DDTP web interface (namely DDTSS)
> - DDTP mail interface
> - A Pootle server (that's used in production only for Debian Installer
> l10n by very few teams)
> - access to 'compendia' files built from debconf PO files for every
> language
> - l10n status "robots" used by several teams
> - feeding the translated packages descriptions to the Debian archive

> In short, a key machine for Debian i18n.

You should really consider moving the services onto .debian.org hosts if
its such a key machine.
Either by making churro a DSA administered machine (if they take it,
though it would mean yet another location, and thats not very much
loved. Especially not as this one is firewalled), or by putting them
onto various other machines (DSA has lots, probably room for you too).

.debian.net is all fine if its an addition to something or starting
development of something new, but if it gets central it should really
get .org and proper DSA administration.

(Nothing against Cesar and those who host and administrate the machine
 today. This is a general issue independent of the people).

For DSA-ification DSA can tell you more (I CC-ed them), but generally
they want to know things like:
 - how much space/power do you need (RAM, Disk, CPU)
 - who is responsible for the service
 - external dependencies (do you need a full mirror? a copy of udd? ...)

bye, Joerg
I think there's a world market for about five computers.
 -- attr. Thomas J. Watson (Chairman of the Board, IBM), 1943

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