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Re: Installation Guide: please commit pending changes

On Tuesday 27 October 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'm currently preparing the patches to drop the arches alpha and m68k
> from the Installation Guide. The plan is to update both the English
> version and all translations. The changes are not huge, but they affect
> a fairly large number of files.

These changes have now been committed. Translations (both XML-based and 
PO-based) have been updated and unfuzzied whereever possible.

Changes for the removal of m68k and alpha have been committed separately. 
The range of relevant revisions is: r61133 to r61161.

I have done a fair amount of review and testing for this, but feel free to 
verify the correctness of commits for your translation.

Please wait with committing any changes until after the next successful 
automated build.


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