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Re: Bug#501754: ntop 3:3.3-11 should be dropped from testing.

Quoting Ola Lundqvist (opal@debian.org):
> Hi
> I'm working on the build issue. It is solved upstream but the new
> upstream version have other problems. The security issue is on my todo
> list as well. I hope I will have time to solve it this weekend.

Thanks for your answer, Ola.

May I remind you the two (much less important but still here) pending
l10n issues:

  * Brazilian Portuguese (Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)).  Closes:
  * Russian (Yuri Kozlov).  Closes: #534779

After all, these are the reasons I first got interested in an update
for nto.

 So, fixinig them along with the two RC bugs would be great, of

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