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Re: emdebian-rootfs 2.0.2: Please translate the package emdebian-rootfs

Hi Neil,

Can you regenerate a POT file after applying the attached patch.

This should solve Américo's issues.

The reason is that the po4a Xml module is very generic, and the docbook
module provides the definition for the XML Docbook format to the Xml

diff -rauN ../orig/emdebian-rootfs-2.0.2/doc/genmanpages ./emdebian-rootfs-2.0.2/doc/genmanpages
--- ../orig/emdebian-rootfs-2.0.2/doc/genmanpages	2009-03-29 09:31:36.000000000 +0200
+++ ./emdebian-rootfs-2.0.2/doc/genmanpages	2009-08-19 09:30:11.408115784 +0200
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
 for file in `ls doc/xml/*.xml`; do
 	xmllint --format "$file" --output "$file"
 	LOCAL=`basename $file`
-	wrap_langs "[type:xml]" "$file" "\$lang:doc/xml/\$lang/$LOCAL"
+	wrap_langs "[type:docbook]" "$file" "\$lang:doc/xml/\$lang/$LOCAL"
 echo "Processing POD . . ."

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