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Re: Bug#538779: debian-i18n: Please add support for fixing typos in paragraph used in different descriptions

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 12:22:54AM +0200, Nicolas FRANÇOIS wrote:
> During the debconf9's 2nd i18n work session we mentioned that DDTP / DDTSS
> should help translator fixing typos in paragraphs used in different
> packages.
> 2 competing solutions were mentioned:
>  * When a new translation is proposed and pass the review process, it
>    propagates automatically into other packages' descriptions.
>  * When a new translation is proposed (and pass the review process), a
>    link appear in the coordinator page to mass-fix the paragraph's
>    translation.

I would prefer the second solution, as the coordinator then can "fine
tune" this paragraph if needed (not all DDTP users are aware of all
language specific style issues) and then "release" it to all packages.
This is what the current German translator effectively does, if he
notes a problem he directly edits all related packages (if possible)
IIRC. So he would then see "important" paragraphs and could act



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