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Bug#538777: debian-i18n: [DDTP] Indicate when a paragraph is also used in another package description

Package: debian-i18n
Severity: wishlist
User: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org
Usertags: ddtp

During the debconf9's 2nd i18n work session we thought it would be useful
to inform translators (during translation and reviews) when a paragraph is
being translated and appear in another package's description.

Michael already made a first demo. It is not clear if this should be
provided as links (there could be a *lot* of packages, e.g. KDE related
packages). It is not clear neither how DDTP/DDTSS should behave since the
paragraph is not yet translated.
We mentioned later that the related packages could be locked until the
translation is approved by the review process, or to add a per paragraph
translation box:
 * package a has 3 paragraphs, the first one is also in package b
 * the 3 paragraphs are translated by user u
   - if user u translate package b, he his not proposed to work on the
     first paragraph
   - if another user v translate package b, he has to translate the 2 last
     paragraphs and to review the first paragraph
   - if the paragraph received enough reviews, it migrates to all the
     packages which use this paragraph
 * if a typo is fixed in the first paragraph's translation, the paragraph
   re-enter the review process (i.e. all the packages which use this
   paragraph can be reviewed, and the review counter for the paragraph is
   incremented for each of these packages).
This later solution is much more complex and changes a lot the current

Best Regards,

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