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Bug#537853: debian-i18n: Adding a link to the PTS for translation related data Provide data

Package: debian-i18n
Severity: wishlist


Stefano Zacchiroli talked with me about adding a link to the PTS regarding

i18n.debian.net should provide a file with the list of source packages
that should have such link (i.e. the source packages where we detected
PO files)
<source package> <version> <percentage>

The <percentage> is still unclear. It could be an overall translation
percentage (based on the existing PO files), or it could represent the
number of languages (why not even a percentage of the world population)
It can be a constant in the first run.

The intended audience of the PTS are the debian maintainers, not the
translators, this is the reason why there is just an overall percentage and
it is not split per language.

For these packages, i18n.debian.net should provide a link with the
translation statistics for each package
http://i18n.debian.net/<something>/<source package>

This page could provide a more visible status. I'm currently thinking
about something like:

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