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Re: rpm 4.7.0-9: Please translate debconf PO for the package rpm

Quoting Michal Čihař (nijel@debian.org):

> > - Discuss the real need for a debconf note. You maybe take care to
> >   display that one in very specific occasions, trying to not interrupt
> >   the installation for no reason
> It is shown only in case automatic upgrade from old version fails.

Maybe the "error" debconf type would be more appropriate, then?

> > - If the note is kept, then have it reviewed in debian-l10n-english
> >   before calling for translations. If you want, this can be
> >   coordinated by someone from debian-l10n-english (me or someone
> > elese)
> Sorry for missing this step, I probably should learn more about this
> topic.

Would you mind if I launch a formal review?

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