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Re: [D-I] Installer localization statistics moved to http://d-i.debian.org

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> (this mail was originally meant to be crossposted with debian-boot but
> I made a typo in the list's address...)
> As of today, the statistics pages for Debian Installer related
> translations have been moved from their former place.
> The new URL is http://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats

Please also note that notifications of changes in D-I l10n files will
be now mailed from the following address:

debian-installer role <d-i@ravel.debian.org>

You might want to update your filters (and maybe spam filters as
well...on my own system, the first mail went to the "Suspected Spams"

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