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Re: Bug#269730: examples


* Thorsten Alteholz <debian@alteholz.de> [2009-01-20 20:10:47 CET]:
> can you please give me an example for such a bad message?

 If you want responses from the bug submitter you have to mail them, not
only send your message to the BTS.

 It's not very hard to find such messages, just grep through po/gcal.pot
for non-ascii characters. Quick examples:

#: src/hd-data.c:470
msgid "Netherlands Antilles/Curaçao"

#: src/hd-data.c:515
msgid "Canada/Québec"

#: src/hd-data.c:529
msgid "Switzerland/Graubünden"

#: src/hd-data.c:531
msgid "Switzerland/Genève"

#: src/hd-data.c:534
msgid "Switzerland/Neuchâtel"


 I'm not completely sure how to tackle that because proper writing of
the cities is definitely appreciated, even for english speaking people. :)
I hope the debian-i18n list has suggestions on how this can get

 So long!

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