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Re: PO4a version used to build the Release Notes?

On 2009-02-02 17:36, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> Could someone please enlighten me as to which po4a version has been used to
> generate (or update) the PO files for the Release Notes? I want to make sure
> that I'm using the same as the one that will be used to build them.

I originally used po4a on lenny, 0.34-2. Because www-master runs
etch, it uses 0.29-1etch1. Updating po4a on www-master to the
backported version is considered potentially harmful, because
other documentation might break.

The good news: We use a "custom" Docbook.pm file under
release-notes/lib/Locale/Po4a/, which is only used for that
document! AFAIK, it's compatible with both forementioned versions.

>From the Makefile:
#UPDATEPO=PERLLIB=lib/ po4a-updatepo --previous --format docbook
UPDATEPO=PERLLIB=lib/ po4a-updatepo --format docbook
TRANSLATE=PERLLIB=lib/ po4a-translate --format docbook --keep 0

We cannot use --previous in the Makefile, because 0.29-1etch1
doesn't support it, but feel free to use it for your local copy
of the release notes, if you have a newer po4a. I have not yet
experienced any problems, if translators make use of --previous.

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