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Re: mopd 1:2.5.3-15: Please translate debconf PO for the package mopd

fre 2009-01-23 klockan 07:05 +0100 skrev Christian Perrier:

> >> Is there a reason no mail went to the German list? (And could you
> >> provide me de.po in PM).
> >
> > Same goes for sv, maybe the call for updates isn't issued properly?
> Same reason:
> "Last-Translator: Daniel Nylander <po@danielnylander.se>\n"
> "Language-Team: Swedish <sv@li.org>\n"

Last-Translator is correct (thats me!) but I have transferred the
responsibility for debconf templates over to Martin Bagge.

Problem here is that the Language-Team address is old (sv@li.org hasn't
been used for many years). Martin picks up these debconf updates from me
(manually) or by mail to debian-l10n-swedish@lists.debian.org


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