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[D-I] Debian Installer trunk reopened for commits: consequences for translators

After a great work by Frans Pop, the Debian Installer SVN has been
branched for lenny.

As a consequence, the trunk is reopened for future development commits
and there is no more string freeze in it.

As all synchronization, statistics and notification scripts run on
trunk, the immediate consequence is that translation statistics could
go under 100% again (this hasn't happened yet, though). Please note
that *this will not affect the statistics for lenny*, no need to

Of course, in case such changes happen, translators are welcome to
update their translation in the trunk, as usual. You are even
*encouraged* to keep up instead of waiting for the last minute.

Translation updates to the lenny branch are not synchronized to the
individual packages so, in short, there is no need to update anything
there....unless we ask explicitely so.

The Debian Installer for Lenny RC2 preparation is still going on and
that version is meant to be the final release of D-I for Lenny, with
63 supported languages.


URL for D-I trunk:
(no change)

URL for the Lenny branch:


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