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Re: Efforts to localize in Breton

In fact breton was not in the language list.
I put it in to have my Live-cd able to boot in breton. I knew that the D-I had no translation.
So I'm sure it's not a bug. It's a wish, and the best way to accomplish it was to come here...
So... And the biggest part begins now !

Le mercredi 17 décembre 2008 à 07:26 +0100, Christian Perrier a écrit :
> Well, I call this a bug in the Ubuntu Live-CD stuff more than D-I..:-)
> Offering Breton as a choice while the language is not (yet) supported
> in D-I is not a good idea, isn't it?
> The Ubuntu Live CD should at least warn its users when they choose a
> language that's not supported in D-I...or use a fallback system (but
> falling back to French when choosing Breton might lead to interesting
> policital reactions...:-))

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