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Seeking help to improve the i18n build system in samba

Hello dear i18n folks,

As you may or may not know, I happen to be one of the maintainers of
the samba packages, and the link with upstream samba developers.

The Samba Team is currently preparing the 3.3.* series of samba and
one of the very new features it has is internationalization of some

However, the current build system for i18n is fairly rough and
probably needs improvement:

- no POT file provided
- hardcoded list of languages
- no translations (that is easy to solve)

Samba uses auto* stuff to build and it would indeed be great to have
the localization stuff be integrated nicely in the build system.

So, it would need someone with good skills in autoconf and the like to
provide an acceptable patch for this, if some of you would like to
contribute to this.

You can download the source tarball at the following URL:

The localization stuff is in source/locale, currently. Forget about
source/po: it contains localized messages for SWAT. I'll probably
propose to integrate this in the main PO files, later....


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