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Re: Please update the translation of the Debian Social contract

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 10:13:22PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > The languages Dutch and Turkish are outdated and based on revision 1.1
> > of the English file
> Where did you get this strange idea that the Dutch translation was 
> outdated anyway? The translation check header for social_contract.1.1.wml 
> in the Dutch translation clearly says (said) that it's based on 1.4.

Yes, this was wrong. I opened the CVS log for the hebrew translation
and replaced hebrew by dutch and other languages to look into the removed
translations. I missed to remove ?rev=1.1 so I looked into revision 1.1. But
be honest this isn't critical at all!

I just tried to ensure that a fundamental document of Debian gets translated,
especially as an older one got removed and it is simple to reuse it. If I
had not written this mail you and others maybe would maybe start translation
from beginning instead of reusing existing work.

I also mainly tried to address new contributors as the languages I mentioned
really need help and new contributors. That's why I tried to explain it as
simple as possible and used the web frontend only. Current translators
should just note that there is work to do and don't have to start from scratch.
> /me getting less and less amused by the minute

I'm not worried about this, really.


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