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D-I Manual - String freeze / Call to update translations (deadline: Nov 10)

As nobody else seems willing to do this, I've decided to take care of the 
upload of the manual myself after all.

There have been a fair number of changes over the past weeks:
- most importantly: description of how to load firmware (new XML file)
- some updates regarding architecture support
- some general updates
- some spelling/grammar fixes (unfuzzied where possible)

There are still a few changes needed, but those will not impact 
translations as it's just updating some entities (size of tasks etc.). 
Some of these can only really be done after D-I RC1 is released.

Almost all translations need updates! The deadline for translation updates 
is in two weeks: ***Monday November 10***.

Depending on the progress of the Lenny release I may be able to extend the 
deadline a bit, but please do not count on that. The criteria for the 
release are the same as always: only fully translated languages are 
included; exceptions are possible, but only after discussion.


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