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Release time: please focus l10n efforts

As most of you have noticed, Lenny is now frozen.

It means that packages will not more enter testing unless explicitely
"hinted" for this to happen.

One of the accepted release exception are l10n updates.

However, we first need package maintainers to *focus* on the missing
l10n updates they need to do.

I just sent a mail to -release about this and pointed them to

Please do *not* add random stuff there by sending more and more and
more l10n updates *unless explicitely requested* by a call for
translations sent in debian-i18n.

Rationale: we don't want maintainers think that "translators keep
sending us l10n bug reports, implicitely requesting new uploads"....or
release managers to be swamped out by freeze exceptions.

It is no longer time for massive l10n updates which will *anyway* miss
the Lenny deadline. I know this may interfere with mass actions from
some teams (Swedish for instance) but please understand that we want
maintainers to work *with* us...:-)

On the other hand, please focus on the last calls for translations
that will be sent to -i18n. Their deadlines are likely to be much
shorter now and there won't be many of such calls (I first need to get
back online, for instance). Expect a big bunch during Debconf (Aug 9th
to Aug. 17th for me).


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