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Re: Request for Pseudopackage: debian-i18n


according to recent discussion on the debian-i18n mailing list I
would really support the idea of this pseudopackage.  You might
like to read for instance the posting


where I feel a big need to report bugs (at least three from this
mail and one or two others come to mind quickly).  For a description
which bugs to report I would suggest the following:

   The Debian I18n team has developed a set of tools (which
   are DDTP, DDTSS, Pootle (and others?) which are used to
   support translations inside Debian.  These tools can be
   compared to tools developed by the Debian QA team. While
   there is no certain package which contains the code because
   the tools are just intended to run on a dedicated machine
   we need a chance to report bugs, track feature requests and
   provide patches.

Please add this pseudopackage soon preferably before DebCamp
to increase the workflow of the I18n team.

Kind regards and thanks for maintaining bugs.debian.org



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