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Re: Call for translations (debian-refcard)

Quoting W. Martin Borgert (debacle@debian.org):
> Hi,
> the Debian refcard is now apt-getable part of Debian.
> The version that is now in unstable has unfortunately some
> layout defects, which I will tackle soon, but - worse - the
> translations are not up to date. Therefore, I like to ask all
> Debian translators to help both with the existing languages:

Having the package in the archive will help anyway as it is likely
that it's detected as a native package with i18n.....so the teams
which monitor such packages (we're doing it for French) will notice
the new translation to do.

Anywa, thanks for calling for translations. A TODO message has just
been sent to the French team and I guess that coordinators of other
teams will do the same for their language, whicle people who mostly
work alone will just try to get the file translated.

You however did not mention how we're supposed to send the
translations back?

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