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Re: [D-I] big changes in tasksel

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> Many strings changed in tasksel. Please don't rush updating
> them. Apparently some need to be changed in English anyway...:-(

I know that some people will still want to update anyway. Please still
refrain. OK, you're not 100% in level 2, we know..:-)

Please be warned that some strings *will* change because of

The changes are induced by a big change in tasksel: GNOME and KDE
tasks are splitted.

It means that, for nearly every language, we now have 2x2 strings
describing the "GNOME desktop environment in <foo>" and "KDE desktop
environment in <foo>". So 4 more strings for each language supported
in tasksel. About 250 new strings !

However, if you begin to work on this, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Fuzzy
matching did some weird things such as matching "Simplified Chinese
GNOME desktop environment" to "Vietnamese desktop environment" (of
course marked fuzzy). DO NOT do any automated search/replace without
thinking deeply and check what you're doing.

Also note that you're likely to get conflicts when committing/pushing
with git as I am myself reworking English strings. So, again, please
be patient.

You've been warned...:-)

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