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Re: bind9 1:9.5.0.dfsg-1: Please translate debconf PO for the package bind9

Hi LaMont,

LaMont Jones wrote:
Before people start translating, may I suggest a review round for the 
templates? The current strings seem to have a few issues.

The debian-l10n-english list is the preferred forum for reviews, CCed. 
Please drop d-i18n from further review discussion (but please add me in 
CC if needed as I don't read that list).

Problem with review based purely on the PO file is that you don't see the 
context (especially what is a title, prompt or introduction), so my 
proposed alternatives may not be optimal.

> msgid "Options that should be passed at startup to bind9"

Should this be terminated by a colon or a period?

Wouldn't "... to bind9 on startup" be better? Especially given that the 
next string already uses that phrase. If those strings are part of the 
same dialog there seems a bit too much duplication in them.

> "Please enter here the options which should be passed to the
> bind9-daemon on startup."

s/here //
s/bind9-daemon/bind9 daemon/

> msgid "which user should bind9 run as?"

Sounds a bit crooked. Maybe:
"Under which user account should the bind9 daemon be run?"
Or if it is a text entry prompt:
"User account for running the bind9 daemon:"

> "The default is to start bind9 as bind user, if you would  like to
> change that, please give here the username as which  bind9 should start 
> as." 

Twice contains a double space (probably trailing space in your templates 
file. "as which ... should start as": duplicate "as".

Suggestion for alternative text:
"The default is to run bind9 under the 'bind' user account. If you would 
like to use a different user account, please enter the username of that 

> msgid "Should resolvconf be executed on startup?"

> msgid "Should resolvconf run when bind9 starts up?"

What's the difference between "executed on startup" and "run when bind9 
starts up"? Or, if these are title and prompt for the same dialog, 
there's again a bit too much duplication.


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